2012 In Review

nate and elena

In terms of milestones and accomplishments, 2012 has to be the best (or at least biggest) year of my life. Here are ten highlights, in no order of importance. Well, maybe the list is in order of importance. And maybe I forgot something. Probably I forgot many things. Regardless, it was a great year.

Honorable mentions: I turned 30 and started a blog.

10. I had over 60 short stories published in various print and online magazines.

9. A handful of my stories were accepted by professional publications, including Drabblecast and The Pedestal, and I wrote 10 chapters of a serial novel called Misty Me and Me, up on the fabulous site JukePop Serials.

8. My first novella, Hallways and Handguns, was released by MuseItUp Publishing.

7. My collection of short stories, Nagging Wives and Foolish Husbands, was accepted for publication by Martian Lit.

6. My track and field girls won the State Championship for the first time in school history.

5. My online lit mag Bartleby Snopes grew to a staff of four, published a lot of great fiction, and released a special issue called Post-Experimentalism.

4. I set a world record by running a mile backwards while juggling in 8 minutes and 22 seconds.

3. My cross country girls won the State Championship for the first time since 1999. Given that they were about the worst team ever when I took over the program six years ago, this is a pretty awesome accomplishment.

2. My daughter turned a year old, learned to walk, talk, run, climb, and do everything else a human can do.

1. My wife and I celebrated our 5th anniversary. We didn’t really do anything crazy or special, but it’s awesome that I’ve been married to someone so wonderful and supportive for the past 5 years.

2012 was indeed a great year. Yes, there were a lot of moments of frustration and whatnot, but those little things can’t outshine what’s really important.

Now let’s see what happens in 2013.


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  1. I dunno. I think you had some pretty stellar moments visiting your wife’s family at different times during 2012. Can we can an honorable, honorable mention?

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