And Now for Some Publishing Gone Wrong…


January 8, 2013 by Nathaniel Tower

The other day, I blogged about how great the writing community is. Now, in support of fellow writer Timothy Gager, I must share some not-so-nice writing community news.

Here’s Timothy’s blog post about the horrible situation.

It saddens me to think that anyone in our community of writers could stoop to the level of insulting the work of others. Please show your support to Timothy by visiting his blog and commenting. He’s a fine writer and a good person. No writer deserves this treatment.



3 thoughts on “And Now for Some Publishing Gone Wrong…

  1. Julie DeNeen says:

    What a good blogging friend you are. Writers have to stick together and I can’t stand to see the writing community compete with each other. Good for you!

  2. Thanks for highlighting this. Sickening! Their conduct reads like a poorly written villainous character (and I should know, I’ve written plenty of them.).

  3. timothygager says:

    Thanks for all the support, Nate.

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