Introducing Cold Reads

A student once stopped me in the middle of a passage I was reading in class and said, “You should be one of those guys who records books on tape.” I was flattered by the comment but, like everyone else in the world, I’ve never been a big fan of my own voice. Do I really sound like that? Well, I’ve gotten over that, and now I’m a little closer to being one of those guys.

This weekend, I launched Cold Reads, a new literary podcast featuring one new story per episode.

With as ubiquitous as fiction is on the internet now, it’s a shame there aren’t more literary podcasts featuring short stories. I know there are some out there, but we need more. We need to fill our ears with wonderful stories. Hopefully Cold Reads will help fill that void at least a little.

Cold Reads Cover

Each week I’ll invite a new author to send me his or her wildest short story (under 1500 words). Without previewing the story, I will record an audio version (a cold read), trying to maintain my composure as I read through whatever craziness the author has sent me.

The first installment features a story by Bud Smith. Bud Smith is a writer from Washington Heights, New York City where he lives with his wife Rae and a dog named Chainsaw. Together they have all acquired a metric ton of vinyl records bought for a dollar at a New Jersey flea market. In 2013, his first novel Tollbooth will be released from Piscataway House Publishing. He also edits for art meets lit anthology Uno Kudo which was created to raise money for charity through its sales. He also hosts the radio interview program, The Unknown Show.

Listen to Episode 1 of Cold Reads right now at PodOmatic or iTunes.

The first five episodes are scheduled, and I promise it’s a great lineup of authors.

If you’d like to have a story featured in a future episode, please contact me.


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