Juggling Words: The Future of Writing?

One of the ways to be successful at a lot of different things is to manage time wisely. An even more effective way is to combine passions.

You may already be aware of my backwards juggling world record. How did I become a world record holder? By combining things I love doing (it also helped that I did something no one had ever done before). Now, I certainly can’t take credit for being the inventor of joggling. Joggling has been around for over twenty years. I just happened to be the first to do it backwards for a mile. So if you want to set a world record, just find something that no one else is crazy enough to try.

A few weeks ago, I started thinking: I like writing, and I like juggling. Why not combine those? So I came up with: Reading Performance Juggling.

That’s right. I juggled while reading a short story. While performing a short story.

Here’s my first attempt (it’s embedded below, but you’ll probably have to go to the Youtube page to watch it):

This video was inspired by a writing prompt shared by Robert Vaughan on Bud Smith’s radio show, The Unknown Show. A huge thank you to Matthew Guerruckey of Drunk Monkeys for believing in this. And thanks to you for watching it.

So what’s next for Reading Performance Juggling? More stories, more tricks, maybe more characters. And hopefully better video quality.


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