Bartleby Snopes shortlisted for Best Fiction Anthology!


April 1, 2013 by Nathaniel Tower

Bartleby Snopes has been shortlisted for Best Fiction Anthology!

This past summer, my literary magazine Bartleby Snopes ventured into uncharted territory when we launched the world’s first issue of Post-Experimental fiction. We were absolutely thrilled by the results. The final issue was better and more innovative than we ever could have imagined.

Now, the hard work of our staff and the great work of our writers is being recognized. The issue has been shortlisted for the Saboteur Awards 2013. It’s one of five titles up for Best Fiction Anthology. Please head over and cast your vote!

If you haven’t read the issue yet, pick up your print or digital copy. Print copies are currently 25% off through our distributor. We also have a few copies we can sell directly at a reduced cost. If interested, contact me.

Thanks for your votes and your support!


4 thoughts on “Bartleby Snopes shortlisted for Best Fiction Anthology!

  1. Congratulations — and way to go on meeting/beating your W1S1 goals! I’ll have to check out your latest issue.

  2. megtuite says:

    Huge congratulations, Nate! I voted! Cheers!

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