2014 Goals

I’ve never made a big point of establishing goals for the coming year. Last year I decided I would complete Write 1, Sub 1 (write at least one story and submit at least one story each week for the whole year). I successfully made it about halfway through the year, but then I fell behind with the big move and the new job search. There are many things I want to accomplish next year, and for some reason I think that writing them down will make them more doable.


Write and edit at least one new short story per month.

Edit and submit my novel, The Funeral Attendee.

Submit at least 5 times per month (and get at least one acceptance per month).

Finish my first bizarro novel.

Organize all of my writing files.


Reclaim my Backwards Juggling Mile record.

Create at least five new records, including the one-handed pushup while juggling two balls.

Learn to juggle 5 balls.

Finish and publish Total Juggling Fitness.


Read at least one book per week.

Write a review of everything I read.


So that’s it, for now. We’ll see what I’m able to accomplish this coming year.


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