Anyone Can Set a World Record. Here’s How.

I’m the fastest man in the world. No, I’m not Usain Bolt. And I’ve never been in the Olympics. And I’m not even the fastest man in the world anymore. But I once was: You see, “fastest man in the world” can take on all meanings. You could be the fastest at eating a pound … Continue reading Anyone Can Set a World Record. Here’s How.


2014 Goals

I've never made a big point of establishing goals for the coming year. Last year I decided I would complete Write 1, Sub 1 (write at least one story and submit at least one story each week for the whole year). I successfully made it about halfway through the year, but then I fell behind … Continue reading 2014 Goals

2013 In Review

At the end of 2012, I made the claim that it was the biggest and best year of my life. I can't say with certainty that 2013 was a better year, but it was certainly a bigger year. For me, 2013 was a major transition year. I moved out of St. Louis for the first … Continue reading 2013 In Review

A Late August Update

My writing life has been less active over the last few months, probably the result of moving to Minneapolis, starting a new job in a different field, battling tonsillitis and post-infection arthritis, and publishing the first single-author book available through Bartleby Snopes Press (not to mention trying to get a second one ready in time … Continue reading A Late August Update

Joggling Woes

I was supposed to joggle my first race today. I've joggled plenty of times in my life. I've gone for 10-mile joggles and done joggling track workouts. I've even done joggling hurdles and backwards joggles (for a world record that has since been broken). So what went wrong today? During the moving process from St. … Continue reading Joggling Woes

Waving Your Fingers: A Response to Track and Field Athletes Disqualified for “Act of Faith”

As a high school track and field coach, I have witnessed many athletes disqualified for a great number of violations. False starts, jewelry, uniform infractions, exchange zone infractions, unsporting conduct. The list goes on. This past year, I had two athletes disqualified in the same meet for wearing thin pieces of rubber around their wrists. … Continue reading Waving Your Fingers: A Response to Track and Field Athletes Disqualified for “Act of Faith”