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I’ve been juggling for over 15 years, but only recently have I really gotten serious. I started joggling (running and juggling simultaneously) about six years ago.

Check out some juggling and joggling videos on my Youtube Channel.

Some of my personal joggling records:

Longest time running without a drop: 60 minutes
Longest distance run while juggling: 10 miles
Fastest Joggling Mile (Forward): 5:12
Fastest Joggling Mile (Backward): 8:22.6 (world record!)
Fastest Joggling 800 (Forward): 2:26
Fastest Joggling 400 (Forward): 66 seconds
Fastest Joggling 200 (Forward): 30 seconds
Fastest Joggling 100 (Backward): 21.8 seconds

tower joggle

Read about more of my juggling achievements and goals.

Read about my forthcoming program, Total Juggling Fitness.

If you want to talk about juggling or joggling, email me.


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