Serial novel cover
Cover design by Christy Solberg

Misty Me and Me was a serial novel featured on JukePop Serials. Unfortunately, JukePop has shut its doors, so Misty Me and Me is no longer available online. I am currently pursuing other publication options.

Misty Me and Me was consistently in the Top 30 on JukePop since November 2012.serial novel misty me

Readers can read and vote for each chapter of Misty Me and Me by creating an account on JukePop.

Synopsis: After his wife catches him watching porn, Jacob finds himself at weekly porn addiction meetings. Unfortunately for Jacob—and for his wife—the leader of the group is a gorgeous ex-porn star named Melinda. When Jacob discovers that Melinda’s “Misty Me” porn site is still active, he spends more time than ever in front of the computer. He soon finds himself falling for “Misty,” and all hell breaks loose when he agrees to a rendezvous with her. How far will Jacob go in his porn star hookup? What will happen when his wife finds out that he’s been cheating on his addiction recovery (and maybe Misty Me and Me Cover Arteven on her)? Come join Jacob’s scintillating journey to recovery with Misty Me.

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