Nathaniel Tower


Nathaniel Tower is a writer, marketer, teacher, runner, coach and juggler. He is the founding editor of the literary magazine Bartleby Snopes. His short fiction has been published in over 200 online and print journals and has been nominated for numerous awards. In 2011, MuseItUp Publishing released his first novel, A Reason to Kill. Several months later, his first novella, Hallways and Handguns, followed. A collection of short fiction titled Nagging Wives, Foolish Husbands was released through Martian Lit during 2014.

In November 2012, Nathaniel set a world record by running a mile backwards while juggling in 8 minutes and 22 seconds. The record was confirmed by The Book of Alternative Records, but it has since been broken by Joe Salter. Someday, Nathaniel hopes to get his record back.

Nathaniel currently resides in Minneapolis with his wife and daughters. After teaching high school English in Missouri for nine years, he started a new career in internet marketing.

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11 thoughts on “Nathaniel Tower

  1. very impressed with the whole running backwards while juggling. with a mind like that, I have to read some of your work.. suggestions?

    • Thanks for the kind words. I’m working on sorting my short fiction into categories. I’d recommend you start with the absurdist/surreal stories to get the best taste of my crazy mind. Look for the categories to pop up sometime in the next few days.

  2. Hi Nathaniel,

    I have a question and I can’t figure out where to ask it on Bartleby Snopes, so I hope it’s okay that I ask it here. I know that name/email are required on the first page. I use Word for Mac and it does whatever it wants as far as page number and headers are concerned (I’m pretty sure Microsoft is trying to get me committed somewhere). What is the preferred “spot” on the first page for name/email when submitting to Bartleby Snopes? Do you prefer title and page numbers on each page as well?

    • Hi Edee,

      We’re really not picky about format, as long as the document is double spaced and easy to read. Put your name and email wherever you are comfortable. If you are entering our contest though, be sure you don’t put any contact information anywhere in the document.

      Thanks for posting. I hope to read something of yours soon.


  3. Beau Johnson says:

    Dear Nathaniel,
    Hello. I was trying to re-enter the dialogue only contest again. I have already entered and been declined this year. I was under the impression I could enter again without paying the fee again. The enter page will not let me do this. Would you perhaps know what I am doing wrong? Thanks for your time.
    Beau Johnson.

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