My biggest juggling accomplishment to date is the Backwards Mile Joggling Record, which was an official world record recognized by The Alternative Book of Records. After a month of training, I ran a mile backwards while juggling in 8 minutes and 22 seconds. The record has since been broken by Joe Salter. Hopefully I will be able to reclaim the record one day.


In addition to this achievement, the following juggling feats are recognized as world records on

Fastest 1000 consecutive catches (I completed 1000 consecutive catches in a cascade pattern in 3 minutes and 46 seconds)

Most wall bounce catches in 1 minute (I made 261 catches off a wall in one minute, breaking the old record by 5 catches)

Fastest 100 meter dash while juggling overhead (It takes me 25.1 seconds to run 100 meters while juggling 3 balls above my head; I almost manage to stay in my lane!)

I’m always looking to add new accomplishments. Some things I’m working on (or hoping to work on):

Running under 8 minutes for the backwards joggling mile.

Breaking the world record for the 100 meter backwards joggle.

Running a mile while juggling and wearing a 40 pound weight vest.

Running 100 meters blindfolded while juggling.

Feel free to steal any of my ideas. I love competition.

If you have any other ideas or challenges for me, let me know.

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