Total Juggling Fitness is a new fitness program that combines juggling with traditional training exercises.

Total Juggling Fitness is designed to make exercise more fun. It focuses on working out the whole body. It sharpens the mind and improves hand-eye coordination in ways that traditional exercising programs don’t.


Completing many standard exercises while juggling requires engaging the entire body in the routine. Obviously one must know how to juggle to complete a Total Juggling Fitness program. Simple tutorials on how to juggle will help you along the way. Juggling isn’t as hard as it looks. With just a little patience, you’ll be juggling while you do squats and lunges in no time.


Total Juggling Fitness is still in its developmental stages, but right now some of the components include:

Strength, Endurance, and Balance Exercises such as

Juggling/Pushup medleys

Juggling curls


Juggling crunches

Juggling leg lifts

Juggling squats

Juggling lunges

Juggling high knees

Juggling wall sits

Juggling leg hops

Single leg juggling

Fast switch juggling

Juggling stairs

And, of course, Joggling!

tower joggle

If you have any ideas for other juggling fitness activities, or if you’d like to know more about the program, please contact me.

2 thoughts on “Total Juggling Fitness

  1. Interesting!
    This is combination will enhance both flexibility and cleverness. I’ve given it a try, It was not very easy. So, I’m practicing juggling first. Hope I will be able to do all the exercises you listed there.

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