Anyone Can Set a World Record. Here’s How.

I’m the fastest man in the world. No, I’m not Usain Bolt. And I’ve never been in the Olympics. And I’m not even the fastest man in the world anymore. But I once was: You see, “fastest man in the world” can take on all meanings. You could be the fastest at eating a pound … Continue reading Anyone Can Set a World Record. Here’s How.


On Multitasking, Writing, and Joggling

treadmill joggling

I have taken multitasking to a new level. About a week ago, I accomplished a feat previously unknown to humankind. I simultaneously ran, juggled, and watched videos on YouTube. If that's not an example of a human making the most of his/her time, then I don't know what is. Just how did I accomplish this … Continue reading On Multitasking, Writing, and Joggling

2014 Goals

I've never made a big point of establishing goals for the coming year. Last year I decided I would complete Write 1, Sub 1 (write at least one story and submit at least one story each week for the whole year). I successfully made it about halfway through the year, but then I fell behind … Continue reading 2014 Goals

A Late August Update

My writing life has been less active over the last few months, probably the result of moving to Minneapolis, starting a new job in a different field, battling tonsillitis and post-infection arthritis, and publishing the first single-author book available through Bartleby Snopes Press (not to mention trying to get a second one ready in time … Continue reading A Late August Update

Joggling Woes

I was supposed to joggle my first race today. I've joggled plenty of times in my life. I've gone for 10-mile joggles and done joggling track workouts. I've even done joggling hurdles and backwards joggles (for a world record that has since been broken). So what went wrong today? During the moving process from St. … Continue reading Joggling Woes

Juggling Words: The Future of Writing?

One of the ways to be successful at a lot of different things is to manage time wisely. An even more effective way is to combine passions. You may already be aware of my backwards juggling world record. How did I become a world record holder? By combining things I love doing (it also helped … Continue reading Juggling Words: The Future of Writing?

New Submissions Tracker Template and January Summary

About a month ago, I shared a template for a submissions tracker in my first of three posts evaluating the services of Duotrope. The tracker was downloaded over 100 times, so hopefully people found it useful. One of my big projects for the past few weeks has been updating the submissions tracker and rolling all … Continue reading New Submissions Tracker Template and January Summary

Mid-January Update

Here's what I've been up to in terms of writing and juggling for the first half of the first month of 2013: Writing In order to try to keep myself focused on writing something every week, I began participating in the weekly version of Write1Sub1. If your writing motivation needs a boost, check it out. … Continue reading Mid-January Update

2012 In Review

In terms of milestones and accomplishments, 2012 has to be the best (or at least biggest) year of my life. Here are ten highlights, in no order of importance. Well, maybe the list is in order of importance. And maybe I forgot something. Probably I forgot many things. Regardless, it was a great year. Honorable … Continue reading 2012 In Review