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  1. How to Kill Your Darlings (And What to Do with Them When They’re Dead)


    September 4, 2017 by Nathaniel Tower

    Every story I’ve ever written has had at least one great sentence (that is to say all my stories have …
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  2. SEO Basics for Authors


    August 20, 2017 by Nathaniel Tower

    Authors have a lot on their plates. They have to be writers, editors, and promotional machines. Let’s add one more …
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  3. How to Write: A Seven-Step How-To Guide for Writers Who Don’t Feel Like Writing


    August 13, 2017 by Nathaniel Tower

    I haven’t written much lately, at least not personally. Most of my day is spent writing in an office which …
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  4. 8 Things I Learned From Running a Literary Magazine for 8 Years


    February 26, 2017 by Nathaniel Tower

    Running a literary magazine is a lot of work. It’s also a great learning experience. Here are eight important things …
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  5. Failing to Meet Your Yearly Writing Goals


    December 31, 2015 by Nathaniel Tower

    So another year is over. Did you meet your writing goals? I sure as hell didn’t. Honestly, I can’t even …
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  6. What to Write About When You Have Nothing to Write About


    November 10, 2015 by Nathaniel Tower

    Whether you are trying to write a novel, pen an epic poem, or maintain a blog about this or that, …
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  7. Writers Don’t Have To Be Cheaters


    October 1, 2015 by Nathaniel Tower

    If things aren’t going your way in the publishing world, you can always try what Michael Derrick Hudson did: write …
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