1. 5 Ways Blogging Can Make Your Writing Dreams Come True


    July 26, 2015 by Nathaniel Tower

    Some writers think blogging is nothing but a big ass waste of time. It’s not too hard to understand why. …
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  2. 5 Things You Must Do Before Submitting a Fiction or Poetry Collection


    July 5, 2015 by Nathaniel Tower

    Earning a living from short fiction or poetry is about as easy as earning a living from recycling aluminum cans …
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  3. What Common Rejections from Publishers Really Mean


    June 14, 2015 by Nathaniel Tower

    I’m really good at getting rejected. With almost 1,000 rejections to my name, I know everything there is to know …
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  4. How Writers Can Improve Their Submission Process (And Get Fewer Rejections)


    May 20, 2015 by Nathaniel Tower

    Ten years ago, I was a hotshot writer. Of course I was a hotshot. I was a writer. That not …
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  5. 12 Signs You Aren’t Really a Writer


    May 12, 2015 by Nathaniel Tower

    Like every other writer in the world except maybe Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, and that woman who wrote those rapey …
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  6. On Writing in a Hurry (Or Not)


    April 19, 2015 by Nathaniel Tower


    I began working on my current novel-in-progress over seven years ago. Back in 2013, I made the noble goal to have …
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  7. 5 Reasons Why Submission Fees Really Aren’t the Scourge of the Publishing World


    April 2, 2015 by Nathaniel Tower

    If you want to piss off a writer, charge a submission fee. It seems like nothing bothers writers more than …
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